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Alan Wildsmith

UKCP Accredited Psychotherapist Level 7 Dip (Dist)
UKCP Accredited Psychotherapeutic Counsellor Level 6 DIP (Merit) on a BACP accredited course

I offer in-person and online counselling and psychotherapy sessions.
In a confidential, comfortable, professional environment, I listen and draw from a collection of methods to help you find what you are searching for - even if that is simply an empathic, non-judgemental ear to listen.

I have been in practice since 2010 and I honed my skills and knowledge at the highest level available in psychotherapy training. This was at Northern Guild Psychotherapy in the North East of England, UK.
I adapt to each person, rather than using one model to suit all. My specialisations are transactional analysis, psychodynamics, dream reentry, guided affective imagery and integration of different states of consciousness.

I use a variety of approaches tailored to suit each person or couple.

To book a session, or to discuss how I can help you, please get in touch.


My Experience

Amongst other things, I have worked with people who wanted to focus on:

Anxiety &/or Depression – Relational Issues (every day and intimate) – Grief & Loss – Existential Issues – Trauma – Ill Health – Death & Dying – Sexual Identity – Isolation – Reoccurring Patterns – More Creativity – LGBTQ+ – Joy – Divorce & Separation – Anger – Unemployment – Retirement – Empty Nest Syndrome – Integration of Different States of Consciousness – New Careers – Feeling More – Feeling Less - Building Resilience – Polyamory – Childhood Issues – Perceived Judgment from Others - Issues Connected to Eating - Exam Stress – Managing Change – Loneliness – Ageing – Insomnia – Dream Reentry – Dream Interpretation

'The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are'

Carl Jung

Approach to Therapy

I have an extensive knowledge of transactional analysis (TA), which explores deep links back to childhood, what's happening in the here and now, and transgenerational history. 

​TA encompasses almost every area of therapy including psychodynamics, trauma, personality, psychoanalysis, CBT and relationships. 
Drawing on this knowledge I help people to be who they want to be in relationships – at home and/or at work etc. For example, many people take on too much and are overwhelmed; I give them the skills and ways of seeing things in order to interact differently and not fall back into the same patterns, and we look at the history of where a behaviour has come from and how it has built up, in order to reimagine the behaviour. I use a psychodynamic approach to identify and raise awareness of the issues then equip the person with skills for different ways of interaction, giving them confidence and a new perspective. TA can also help in grief work, to identify blocks to feeling for example, or blocks to reaching out to others.

I have a special interest and knowledge of dreams and guided affective imagery (GAI), and the unconscious. We all live in the unconscious a lot of the time, replaying ways of being that were once necessary for our situation but now may be out-dated. I help people live a more conscious lifestyle. Working with dreams, psychodynamics and GAI can change and enhance people's lives dramatically.

I continuously learn and improve my knowledge of psychotherapy. Boundaries are a very important part of my practice and I'm ethics driven. I adapt to the person rather than using one model. Above all, I listen and am intuitive to what each person needs – everyone is unique.


Individual Therapy



Two Dried Leaves

Couple's Therapy





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